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Dept. of Chem. & Biochem.
University of Arkansas
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Dr. Susanne Striegler
Dept. Chem. & Biochem.
210 Chemistry Building
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Phone: +1 (479) 575 5079
FAX: +1 (479) 575 4049

Research at the Interface of Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry and Material Science


---- NEWS ---- !!

  • June 10 2024, Dr. Arjun Bhowmick joins us. Welcome Arjun !
  • April 05, 2024, Lidia defended her Honors Thesis! CONGRATULATIONS, great work!
  • December 14 2023, Honors College Research Grants for Lidia, Alex, Raymond and Brennan. CONGRATULATIONS to all!
  • 28 December 2022, 'Nanogel catalysts for the hydrolysis of underivatized disaccharides identified by a fast screening assay' is accepted to ACS Catalysis! - Congrats to Babloo!
  • 6 December 2022, Lidia is selected for a Honors College Research Grant 2023! - Congrats to Lidia
  • 28 June 2022, 'Polarity and critical micelle concentration of surfactants support the catalytic efficiency of nanogels during glycoside hydrolyses' accepted in ACS Catalysis - Congrats to Babloo!
  • May 31, 2022, Babloo leaves for new adventures at 3M. CONGRATULATIONS, and all the best for your future!
  • 8 February 2022, 'Solvent-controlled synthesis of bulky and polar-bulky galactonoamidines' accepted in Carbohydrate Rearch - Congrats to Ifedi!
  • 15 December 2021, Lauren is selected for a SURF grant 2022! - Congrats to Lauren!
  • 16 September 2021, 'Structure-activity-relationship studies to elucidate sources of antibacterial activity of modular polyacrylate microgels' accepted to ACS Appl. Bio Mater. - Congrats to Carlie and Babloo!
  • 15 May 2021, Sara wins a fellowship for summer research! - Congrats!
  • 15 October 2020, 'Antimicrobial activity of microgels' accepted to ACS Appl. Bio Mater. - Congrats to Babloo and Carlie, keep going for more!
  • 30 July 2020, 'Nonionic surfactant blends to control the size of microgels and their catalytic performance during glycoside hydrolyses' accepted to ACS catalysis, Congrats to Babloo!
  • 24 March 2020, Susanne is selected for the Fulbright College Master Researcher Award
  • 22 February 2020, Outreach and having fun: U of A Hosts Third German STEM Immersion Day for High Schools: Newswire Feb 25, 2020
  • 08 January 2020, notice of a 'SURF grant' to Kristin! Congrats from us all!
  • 12 December 2020, notice of a second Chancellor's commercialization grant to Susanne.. YEAH :-).. more funding to the lab for the coming month! Thanks all for your hard work !
  • 10 July 2019, notice of 'Honorable Mention' to Carlie for her GRFP application to NSF! Congrats to Carlie!
  • 19 June 2019, notice of an ABI grant to Susanne.. YEAH :-).. even more funding to the lab for the coming month! Thank you, thank you, THANKS for all the work you do
  • 13 June 2019, notice of a Chancellor's commercialization grant to Susanne.. YEAH :-).. more funding to the lab for the coming month! Thanks all for your hard work !
  • 24 May 2019, notice of a new NSF grant to Susanne.. YEAH :-).. funding for the lab for the coming three years! Thanks all for your work to make this happen!
  • 11 January 2019, Tailored interactions of the secondary coordination sphere enhance the hydrolytic activity of crosslinked microgels ACS Catal., 2019. Congrats to Babloo!
  • 9 August 2018, Biomimetic glycoside hydrolysis by a microgel templated with a competitive glycosidase inhibitor ACS Catal., 2018. Congrats to Jessica and Babloo!
  • 10 July 2018, Modulating the catalytic performance of an immobilized catalyst with matrix effects - a critical evaluation ACS Catal., 2018. Congrats to Babloo!
  • 5 April 2018, Dr. Striegler is selected for the Fulbright College Master Teacher Award
  • 16 March 2018, Crosslinked microgels as platform for hydrolytic catalysts Biomacromolecules, 2018.
  • Congrats to Babloo!
  • 12 January 2018, Anna is selected for an Honor's College Research grant; Congrats!!
  • 9 January 2018, Evaluating hydrophobic galactonoamidines as transition state analogs for enzymatic beta-galactoside hydrolysis Bioorganic Chemistry, 2018.
  • Congrats to Jessica!